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By carefully moving a wooden rod to the left and right and pulling it out of the light fitting, sufficient space is created to replace the light source. After replacing the light source, the style can be carefully put back in place.

Once you have ordered a lamp, we will produce it for you and prepare it for shipment or delivery. This takes about 2-5 working days on average (if you need your lamp on very short notice, please inquire about the quickest delivery time in advance).

On average, you will receive a lamp up to 60cm in length by post and larger ones will be delivered to your home. And we deliver personally :)! Because we are environmentally aware, we combine the products to be delivered as much as possible. So if you have ordered a large item, please take into account a delivery time of 1-2 weeks. Can't wait any longer and are you in the neighbourhood of Zwolle? Picking up your order is also possible, please contact us.

As soon as we receive and process your order, we will contact you to make an appointment for delivery and installation. 

Please note: We assume that there is enough space to place a mobile scaffold of 100x220cm. If this is not the case, special equipment must be used to hang your lamp. An adjusted rate applies. In this case, please contact us in advance.

All styles are replaceable. In order to produce as sustainably and environmentally-consciously as possible, the styles are not glued on, but the lamps are designed in such a way that all parts are fixed with a clamp. 

Yes, our lamps are suitable for Philips HUE light sources. For all our lamps, we use an E27 fitting.  

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