Robust yet minimalistic. Innofique Design combines various sustainable materials, design forms and technical feasibility to create the most exclusive products.

At Innofique Design, we like to work from the basis. With a good design and the right proportions, like the golden section. In nature you see the golden section also back, for example in flowers. We translate that into our designs.

And not unimportantly: our products are thoroughly Dutch. From design to delivery to the customer.

The mission of Innofique Design is: to make as many people as possible happy with uniquely designed, Dutch products for indoors and outdoors. This based on fair trade, sustainable materials and zero-waste.
Gerben Reitsema
Founder of Innofique Design
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Being sustainable

But we want to do more than just make beautiful products. We want to make a difference! And contribute to a better climate, a better environment, a better world. Not to exhaust the earth, but to be stewards of it.


In addition to using sustainable materials and striving to minimise waste, we are also committed to nature. Both in the Netherlands and Uganda, by planting trees.

Why trees?

Our lamps are mainly made of wood. We take from nature and give something back. At the same time, we contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals; a global initiative to make the world a better place by 2030.

and it feels good!

Would you like to experience this feeling yourself and contribute to a better world? When you buy a lamp from Innofique, you help directly! For every product sold, we plant a tree. Want to know more about the projects we support together?

Then take a look at the website of our partner, the Trees for All Foundation.


No trees, no lights

Without lamps no trees

How it started

Werktuigbouwkundig engineer Gerben Reitsema is verbaasd als hij merkt dat een design waar het uiterste tussen geometrie, natuurkunde en een minimalistische uitstraling samenkomt, gewoon niet lijkt te bestaan. Als hij er vervolgens achter komt dat er in de meubelbranche veel wordt gewerkt met chemische en niet biologisch afbreekbare materialen, en nagenoeg alle producten uit Azië komen, voelt hij het als zijn uitdaging om een duurzaam Nederlands meubel designbedrijf te starten: Innofique Design.

The first design

Gerben starts designing and after some time the first product, a design chair, is born. On 17 February 2017 the first Innofique 'lounger' is launched: a recyclable steel frame with hardwood curved planks, provided with a large FSC-logo: honest and 100% 'transparent'. After many positive reactions, expansion of the product range is quickly considered. During a birthday, the question arose: do you also make lamps?

Gerben starts designing and combines different materials, design forms and technical feasibility. The Innofique Ellipse lamp is a fact: FSC wood, water-based paint and Fairtrade installation materials provide the first sustainable lamp of Innofique Design.

Into the world

At the end of 2017 it is time to show Innofique Design to the general public. Gerben decides to exhibit his products at the VT Wonen & Design fair, in the 'design hall'. Although this is the first time at a fair, the reactions are very positive and the visitors enthusiastic. At the fair, Gerben meets Sandra, among others, who has a specific question: "Can you design a lamp for our 6-metre high loft?" Based on Sandra's wishes and the principles of Innofique Design, the second pendant lamp is designed and produced: the Innofique Ovo. More years to come at this fair. In the period that follows the network of Innofique Design grows. The assortment keeps expanding and the products are sold both directly and through dealers. More and more people, but also companies, become familiar with the products and designs. To give an example: one Sunday evening Gerben suddenly receives a notification via the website. A well-known Dutch hotel chain, Van der Valk, is interested in the products of Innofique Design and would like to get in touch. By 2021 Innofique Design decides to continue without dealers, but with a showroom in Apeldoorn, and sells its lamps mainly online.

Our Mission

The mission of Innofique Design is: to make as many people as possible happy with uniquely designed, Dutch products for indoors and outdoors. This based on fair trade, sustainable materials and zero-waste.

Gerben Reitsema

Owner / Designer

Naomi Reitsema-Selles

Owner / Office manager

Tonny de Bont


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