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Robust yet minimalistic. Innofique Design combines various sustainable materials, design forms and technical feasibility to create the most exclusive products.

At Innofique Design, we like to work from the basis. With a good design and the right proportions, like the golden section. In nature you see the golden section also back, for example in flowers. We translate that into our designs.

Our mission?
To make as many people as possible happy with uniquely designed, Dutch products for indoors and outdoors. Based on fair trade, sustainable materials and zero-waste.

How it started

Mechanical engineer Gerben Reitsema is amazed when he notices that a design where the extreme between geometry, physics and a minimalist look come together simply does not seem to exist.

When he found out that the furniture industry uses a lot of chemical and non-biodegradable materials, and almost all products come from Asia, he felt it was his challenge to start a sustainable Dutch furniture design company: Innofique Design.

Here you can find our products

Would you like to see our products in real life? You can! In the middle of the country, in Apeldoorn, is the De Arend showroom, where you can see most of our products. The showroom is open on weekdays between 09.00 and 16.00 hours and you can visit without an appointment. Would you like to visit us outside of these hours? Please contact us to make an appointment.
We will be happy to help you. Welcome!

De Arend Apeldoorn
Stadhoudersmolenweg 50
7317 AX Apeldoorn

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